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Few Great Sims 4 Mods For You To Try

ByFrank Bennett

Aug 10, 2022

Bunk Beds by Ravasheen

Before The Sims 4 included bunk beds of its own, Ravasheen’s functional bunk beds created quite a stir. Although bunk beds are now considered to be a legitimate sleeping option, Ravasheen’s bunks are a fantastic modular alternative. In contrast to many base game goods used with conventional Sims 4 bunk beds, Ravasheen’s miniature desks may be placed underneath a lofted bed and Sims can still utilize them. Ravasheen’s bunk bed modifications need be purchased in addition to the standard set.

Fantastic Whims

This Sims 4 mod scripts focus on making character romance and interactions more complex by letting you choose the qualities that draw them in romantic partners, their dating preferences, and even their attitude toward birth control. The Sims 4 dating experience gains a whole new layer from Wonderful Whims, adding some complexity and reducing superficiality.

Everyday Drama

With 11 new dramatic scenarios for townie NPCs, some of which you can intervene in, Life’s Drama adds a flavor of controversy to every area. Your Sims might observe a couple having a heated dispute, a burglar attempting to pick a pocket, or a bride fleeing from her wedding if they look out their window. By using the new “Exposing A Loved One” action, which is compatible with Sims who have partners, you can create some drama for yourself. Grab some popcorn and drop the bomb.

Exploration mod

This KawaiiStacie mod adds a number of rabbit hole actions that your Sims can do alone without your supervision and activate buffs or strengthen their bonds with their loved ones.

You can send your Sims exploring after they’ve gone to the DMV to get a license or bus pass by clicking on them, which displays a radial wheel of possibilities. You can send them out for shopping (they’ll return with new clothes), dance lessons, outings to nearby landmarks and casinos, to pick up side jobs, and more. Depending on the activity you select, their abilities and motivations will change. If you wish to foster better relationships, you can instruct your Sim to “Explore With” different characters.

If you don’t step in, the Sims will likewise haphazardly explore, which is amusing. The mod is compatible with the standard game, but some features require certain packs; for instance, you can’t order ice cream for delivery if you don’t have the Cool Kitchen Stuff pack.

Realistic Narratives

A collection of mods from renowned Sims 4 modder roBurky are designed to give your Sims a more human-like experience. If you’ve used Emotional Inertia or True Happiness—both of which were previously on this list—you can vouch for the caliber of roBurky’s work. Those two mods are included in the package along with other essentials.

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Emotional Inertia prevents your Sims’ moods from switching on and off like a light switch and was specifically intended for this collection. In the base game, they experience happiness for a short while after enjoying a satisfying dinner in a beautifully designed space, but the emotion quickly wears off. Moods become less predictable but more stable as a result of emotional inertia; they will fluctuate less and persist longer, making it more challenging to manipulate the system. While this is happening, True Happiness alters the default state of your Sims from “happy” to “fine”. Making them joyful truly takes something extraordinary to occur, like finding a new partner, which will significantly improve their mood for a little period of time.

However, these two well-liked mods are merely a small part of Meaningful Stories. Additionally, it alters how the environment, such as paintings, affects the emotions of your Sims. The results are now more gradual and increase over time. Additionally, it prevents severe mood swings, allowing your sim to progress through the normal, neutral in-between stages rather than going from intense happiness to melancholy. Finally, it makes moodlets more variable, allowing the same mood source to randomly have stronger or weaker effects.

Turn into a sorcerer

Do you long for the allure of earlier Sims games? With the help of the expansion pack Become a Sorcerer, your Sims can cast spells that can either kill an adversary with a bolt of lightning or drain the joy from a buddy.

The Needs that are replaced with new magical ones are determined by one of three rituals that you must perform before you can begin casting. The use of magic enhances your abilities and makes new spells available, but it also depletes your “Magical Connection” (effectively a mana meter), which must be refilled by draining either another Sim or yourself.

Your leaning toward good or evil will depend on your decisions, which will alter the kinds of spells you may cast. In the end, good deed-doers can revive spirits, but if that doesn’t sound like fun, simply light a table on fire. This can surely liven up your current playthrough if you’re becoming bored with it.