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8 Excellent Time Tracking Softwares

ByFrank Bennett

Aug 4, 2022

Professional service companies can use time monitoring in a variety of ways to accelerate business growth. It guarantees proper client billing, increases team productivity, and does a lot more.

Each service provider, however, has distinct requirements. Therefore, they should carefully select a tracking tool based on those requirements.

However, there are countless options for professional services time tracking software, making the decision difficult and perplexing. To help you make a decision about work time, we’ve done the difficult work and hand-picked the top software products.

The top 8 time tracking programs for professionals

Professional services are companies that provide clients with specialized services, either locally or remotely. It covers a wide range of services, such as consultation, instruction, technical, artistic, and usefulness.

Offering such services could be a large corporation with hundreds of people, a small team, or just one person. The significance of time tracking is a common theme among these professional services, though.

They must be extremely efficient in order to serve more clients and boost their earnings because they often bill their clients based on the amount of time spent on each work.

For instance, a legal consulting firm might bill clients on an hourly basis, whereas a plumbing company might demand its staff to do a certain kind of work within a certain amount of time.

Therefore, utilizing a cutting-edge time tracking system becomes essential for these businesses.

So, the following are our top selections for time tracking software for independent contractors, small enterprises, and professional service providers:

Time Doctor

Both large and small businesses use Time Doctor, a great time and project management tool, to track and boost team productivity.

The tracking software works well for in-office and on-field teams of professional service organizations and freelancers providing services from their homes.

Through Time Doctor’s potent features, you can:

  • Linux, Mac, and Windows desktop applications.
  • Android mobile application.
  • Chrome addon for Google (for supported integrations).

You may keep track of every minute spent on both billable and non-billable jobs, projects, and activities with the aid of the tool’s standalone time tracking feature. To appropriately bill your clients and fairly compensate your employees, you can use the time data as proof of work.

Additionally, Time Doctor includes a ton of other features that will greatly improve the operation of your organization.

Let’s examine some of Time Doctor’s most important qualities.

Key Elements

  • Flexibility in Time Tracking
  • You can track your time using two easy-to-use modes with Time Doctor.
  • Its interactive timer gives you more control over the process by allowing you to measure time for various tasks using a straightforward start/stop timer.

This is how it goes:

  • Enter a task name in the Time Doctor app after opening it.
  • When you’re ready to start the activity, click Start.
  • When you’re finished or need a break, click Stop.

But you can choose Time Doctor’s automatic time monitoring for tasks where you don’t want to manually start and stop the timer. The moment the user’s PC switches on in this mode, time tracking begins.

The tracking keeps going in the background without interfering with the user’s workflow.

But what if I can’t connect to the internet?

As Time Doctor allows offline time tracking, you may still keep track of your working hours. When you are back online, the offline time data will immediately sync.

B. Monitoring Downtime

You must figure out every billable hour for the service you or your team provides in order to generate appropriate invoices and payments. But many time-tracking programs just record the passing of time without considering whether it was used efficiently.

Not Time Doctor, though.

It can also keep track of the minutes and seconds that users spend not using their keyboard or mouse. This unproductive time can be labeled as non-billable so that it is not included in customer invoices or compensation to linked team members.

An idle-time pop-up alert is also included in the tracking software to help freelancers and employees reduce such wasteful periods. Users will see a pop-alert on their screens inquiring if they are still working after an admin-set idle-time limit.

Time Doctor does not record any information on the user’s PC and is not a keylogger. It only looks for keyboard and mouse activity.

Screencasts, in C (Optional)

To assess a remote worker’s time management and computer usage, you might occasionally need to look into their screen activity. It will assist you in ensuring that your charges are reasonable.

You can snap screenshots of the user’s screen with Time Doctor’s screencast capability at predetermined intervals.

Due to the decreased likelihood that staff members will engage in counterproductive activities during working hours, this advanced feature also enhances responsibility.

If you provide educational services, for instance, you might use this function to screenshot a staff member who is scheduled to give a live video lesson. Then, you may check to see if the worker actually spoke to the client through video at the appointed time.

Note: To ensure privacy, screenshots can be erased or blurred when a user indicates they are working. Additionally, it is a feature that each user has the ability to enable or disable.

D. Reports on Productivity

You can obtain a number of in-depth, real-time data from Time Doctor to get an understanding of the productivity and attendance of your staff.

Here are some of the reports that Time Doctor produces:

Attendance Report: Keep track of each team member’s current attendance status in real-time.

Check the number of hours an employee has put in during a given day, week, or other period of time with the hours tracked report.
View the time an employee spends working on various job tasks in the Timeline Report.

View the total time spent on various billable projects and tasks inside each one in the projects and tasks report.

View a summary of a user’s activities over a period of time, including any active, inactive, or mobile time.

Get an overview of the time your team spends using various websites and applications during working hours with the web and app usage time reports.


Service providers can log their time and maintain concentration while working with RescueTime, a web-based time tracking program.

Key Elements

  • supports both manual (offline) and automatic time tracking.
  • provides visual data to help you understand how you spend your time and how productive you are.
  • enables you to establish daily time restrictions for websites and apps.
  • effective syncing with programs like Slack, Google Calendar, etc.


Professional services of any size can register their work hours with Clockify, an efficient time tracker and timesheet solution.

Key Elements

  • Use a one-click stopwatch to track the time you spend on projects, or manually input your hours.
  • enables you to keep track of all your assignments using a visual calendar view.
  • In-depth time reports in Excel, CSV, or PDF format.
  • has a built-in tool for tracking expenses to assist you in producing correct invoices.

QuickBooks Time

Service providers can manage time and collaborate on jobs using the online time tracker and timesheet program known as QuickBooks Time (formerly Tsheets).

Key Elements

  • provides a mobile app for time tracking on the move and a biometric time clock kiosk for tablets to make it simple for employees to clock in and out.
  • supports the processing of payroll based on tracked hours and timesheet automation.
  • You can keep an eye on both your on-field and distant teams with the GPS tracking feature.
  • Features for managing expenses, such as alerts for overtime.

My Hours

Small businesses and independent contractors can use My Hours, a time tracking solution, to determine the number of billable hours needed for each customer or project.

Key Elements

  • aids in breaking down projects into tasks, distributing those tasks to your team, and establishing task priorities.
  • provides the ability for you to add custom keywords, notes, and expenses to your time entry logs.
  • enables you to create a distinctive billing rate for each customer, team member, task, or project.
  • allows you to view time data in a variety of ways, including simple weekly timesheets and real-time pivot tables.

Toggl Track

It is simple to use and suitable for small teams, Toggl Track is available as a web, desktop, and mobile application.

Key Elements

  • with just one click, assists in keeping track of billable time for clients and projects.
  • allows you to set up desktop notifications and email reminders so you never forget a deadline.
  • provides CSV, XLS, and PDF export options for time reports and billable hour data.
  • integrates through a browser extension with a number of well-known business products.


Replicon is a software package that provides time management, project management, and billing options to enhance team productivity and financial success.

Key Elements

  • transforms timesheet data into cost, billing, utilization, and payment information for you.
  • time-off tracking that is automated and has short approval processes.
  • To review and approve client project time, use a visual project management view.
  • connects to well-known ERP, CRM, and accounting programs.


Harvest is a well-liked project time and expenditure monitoring program appropriate for all sizes of client services businesses.

Key Elements

  • offers time monitoring features for mobile apps that are both offline and online (Android and iOS).
  • supports automated reminders to ensure that your team always keeps track of their working hours.
  • allows you to integrate your current accounting system with Harvest’s invoices and payment information.
  • connects to well-known business applications like Asana, Trello, Slack, etc.

3 Benefits of Professional Services Time Tracking Software

Here are three advantages that demonstrate why any professional service provider, regardless of size, should keep track of time spent providing services:

Reliable client billing

Professional service providers grow their clientele by spreading positive word of mouth. It aids in their client growth, business expansion, and increase in revenue.

However, erroneous bills might result in negative client feedback on open forums, which can harm their professional reputation. Their clientele and profitability may suffer as a result.

By keeping track of your time, you can reduce such occurrences and guarantee that you are never paid too little for your work.

Increased Productivity

By reducing distracting behaviors and increasing accountability, time tracking helps you stay awake and concentrated on the task at hand.

Additionally, employing a sophisticated technology like Time Doctor gives you important productivity insights. Time reports, for instance, can be used to compare the amount of time spent on a certain service task by two team members.

You may streamline your operations and accelerate your growth by using these insightful lessons to guide your business decisions.

Reliable Project Budgets

Time input logs for your recent and ongoing initiatives could act as a benchmark for your upcoming ones. For similar projects, you can utilize historical data to estimate completion times precisely. Additionally, you might divide your tasks into time-based milestones and charge your clients for each one using this information.

Additionally, it will enable you to foresee the materials you’ll need to complete a project by the projected deadline.

Once your objectives are clearly established, you may monitor real-time metrics to gauge how your project is doing in relation to your benchmarks.

Furthermore, having precise time and resource estimates might you in determining whether you should embark on a specific project. You won’t waste valuable time or effort on a project that was never doable or profitable.

Final Reflections

Professional services can benefit greatly from time tracking. However, due to the abundance of options on the market, picking the best time tracking software for your requirements can be challenging.

The tools we discussed above for time monitoring are useful for a variety of service businesses. Please select the tool that best suits your requirements both now and in the future.

However, a cutting-edge solution like Time Doctor is the way to go if you want to make things practical and future-proof. As your team expands, it offers extra services like project management, payroll, etc. in addition to the necessary time tracking capabilities.