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10 Great Tips For Those Who Love To Play RAID Video Game

ByFrank Bennett

Mar 20, 2022

This guide is great for those who want to learn Raid: Shadow Legends.

1 – Resource Management (Preparing to Daily Reset)

Once we join a clan, there are energy arena tokens as well as clan boss battle keys. Because we aren’t generating any, we don’t want to be able to access all of these resources. We want to be in permanent generation, so that these resources are continually regenerated.

You can lose all your energy if you do not exercise enough or go to bed at night. This can add up over time and make a big difference.

2 – Farming Stage 3

Stage 3 farming is the best option, especially for new players. This is because stage 3 drops shields. Shields will sell for 10% more than other artifacts. You will soon realize that Shields are worth about 10% more than any other artifact.

Stage 3 has about 1-2% less XP per stage 6 in most cases, so it is worth trading that 1-2% for 10% more silver. You will want to farm the stages 3 and 6. Stage 6 is the best option if you want to max-max XP.

3 – Do Not Waste Skill Books

Don’t waste your skill books! This is the biggest mistake beginners make. A new player will get excited when they receive a champion. They will either burn their skill books, or use epic skill book to create rare characters. Don’t waste your skill books on champions that are rarer than the book.

Like Elhain, this skill book is rare. I wouldn’t use it. I wouldn’t use honorable skill books and I wouldn’t invest in skill books into champions that don’t plan on at least 5 or 6 starring, particularly at the beginning.

Focusing on just one champion or two is the best way to get started. Keep your skill books safe. Although they seem to come in fairly frequently when you’re a beginner, I can assure you that they arrive much more slowly when you get older. You should wait until you have a champion you know you will use for a while before you start to really think about investing in it.

4 – Do Not Waste XP Buff

Don’t waste the XP boost while it is still available. The XP boost grants 100% more XP, and you’ll see it up a lot when you complete quests, missions, and challenges.

This is a good time to stop grinding dungeons and doing other things that will generate XP. Unless you’re willing to spend money, you won’t have the XP buff you want later on.

I believe that I was primarily focused on XP until I had my account at 45-50. I also have these XP buffs active so I can get as much food generation to help my champions grow.

5 – Concentrate Your Power on Core 2/3 Champions

Instead of spreading your resources too thin, focus your power on a core group of two to three champions. As a new player, I made the mistake of spreading myself too thin. I didn’t get a six-star champion as quickly as I should have.

It’s better to have 1 or 2 champions up to 6 stars than 10 or 15 five star heroes. Ideally, you will make your first champion to 6 stars a magic affinity hero. This is because the endgame of farming in the campaign will be levels that mainly revolve around spirit enemies. A hero with high AoE damage and maxed-out skills should be chosen. To get the highest amount of XP per energy, they will be able farm the campaign using brutal.

6 – Event Management

You can plan for upcoming events as well as live events. I have a lot of shards, but I am not with the cause. I am still waiting for a summoning event to get credit for winning prizes.

For Clan Boss you might want to wait to rank up champions if you have a champion who is ready to become six stars. This will give you a huge boost in completing the event. If there isn’t, wait until there is a summoning event to get a significant boost towards the prizes.

7 – Rare Champions Not to Be Sacrificed

Another common error I see is this: These players like epics that they don’t think they will use often, and then they use them to develop a champion to 6 star status. For that, you can use both commons and rares. Lock all champions that you keep.

8 – Look for important missions

Pay attention to important missions coming up. This is an example: I have heroes that I want to get to 5 stars, so I’m going to do it. You suddenly get a task to upgrade two champions up to level 50. This will not earn you credit.

Earned credit is not always given back by some of these. It is not possible to complete it once it is live. You will need to wait to see what comes up for you missions. This will ensure that you don’t grind something before you receive credit.

9 – Market Farming

This is a great way to make artifacts. If you have an XP buff, it can be much more rewarding than grinding the artifact-dungeons. This allows you to obtain artifacts without having to grind the dungeons.

Market refreshes occur once per hour. It is as easy as clicking on the icon to refresh it. You can find great picks if you look closely. To take advantage of this offer, you must be active.

It is possible to find five-star artifacts with the main stats you desire without needing to go through the dungeons. Market farming is a great way to increase your shard count. Buy mystery shards, and ancient shards as soon as you can.

10 – Arena Speed & Turn Order

Many new players struggle to grasp the importance of arena speed and turn order. Your arena team should move in a specific order. You want your buffer/debuffer to be first. For example, a champion with an increase in attack or a decrease in attacks on the enemy. DPS will be last.

You can have a champion like Relickeeper that is a snowball. As long as he gets another kill, he will go again. He should be last to ensure he resets his HP and clears out low-HP enemies.